A select life, a valuable investment passes through the Corridor..


The Corridor, located in the new prestigious area of İstanbul, at Bağcılar, connects two main streets by the boulevard that passes through it. It is located at Bağcılar, which developing rapidly on the way to become the new Maslak of İstanbul, at a distance of 2 km to the Basın Ekspres Road, right at the heart of a valuable investment area.
It emerges by its closeness to the Atatürk Airport, which is İstanbul’s and Turkey’s largest airport and to the significant media organizations of Turkey, and business and industrial centers.

Living and investment value

The Corridor is located at the Bağcılar area, where deluxe homes have begun to be built for investment and a rapid transformation is being observed.
By the ease of transportation, provided by the closeness to the TEM, E-5 and the Atatürk Airport, it offers an investment opportunity that cannot be missed.
The Corridor is also a select environment for living... A prestigious life awaits you in the newly developing area of the city.


The Corridor is located in an area right at the center of main streets and connecting roads, where access to the city center is easy, close to the means of public transportation such as the Metrobus.
Basın Ekspres Road 1.2 km.
E-5 Highway 4 km.
Atatürk Airport 5 km.
TEM Expressway 5 km.
Coastal road 6 km.
Starcity SHC 1 km.
212 SHC 3 km.


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